with rice, 1 side and 1 sauce


(served with steamed jasmine shallot rice or scallion egg fried rice +0.79) 

bbq pulled chicken8.99  

smoked brisket12.49

chicken wings • 8.99

general's or sesame chicken • 8.99

pulled pork • 8.99

spare ribs12.99

three meat combo20.99

two meat combo • 15.99





(Choose One)

house duck sauce 

smokey 'q sauce

maple my mustard sauce

fire in the mouth sauce

tango soy sauce



(Choose One)

grilled corn chili seasoning (seasonal)

lima beans

cabbage + chopped pork

asian slaw

salad - sesame ranch or maple vinaigrette

french fries

broccoli sesame seeds+ garlic sauce

mac + cheese

sweet potato casserole

sauteed butter corn


french fries • 2.99

veggie spring roll (1) • 0.89

smothered fries cheese, chopped brisket, spicy bbq sauce + scallions • 6.99

smoked chicken wings with choice of side sauce (6)  • 5.99