Build Your Own Platter

served with house choice pickles& toasted bread  /  gluten free bread +1.50


(Choose One)

grilled chicken9.99    

smoked brisket11.99

chicken strips9.99

pulled pork • 10.4

half rib rack15.99

full rib rack25.99



(Choose One)

steamed rice

egg fried rice

mixed greens



(Choose Two)

grilled corn

smoked brisket lima beans

asian slaw

french fries

broccoli in garlic sauce

Small Plates

french fries • 2.99

veggie spring roll (1) • 0.89

waffle fries pepper jack cheese + scallions • 4.49

grilled corn chili seasoning • 1.99

smoked chicken wings with choice of side sauce (6)  • 5.99

smoked brisket lima beans • 4.99

broccoli with garlic sauce • 4.99